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5 Unusual Coffee Recipes You Should Try!

Have you been looking for exciting new ways to serve up your coffee? If so, then sometimes, it certainly pays dividends to get a little creative with your cooking! Luckily, we’ve outlined today, several key coffee recipes you need to try if you’ve been looking to make your meals and drinks a bit more exciting compared to the norm! After all, while a regular cup of coffee is always a welcome sight, there’s no doubt that this can massively limit our enjoyment of the ingredient as a result.

coffee recipes

Ready to get busy in the kitchen? From the simple to the slightly more complex, the following coffee recipes are well worth a go once you’ve mastered the art of making a quality regular brew.

#1 Dalgana Coffee

Dalgana coffee is a much loved option, but it’s actually surprisingly uncommon to make it at home! Still, it doesn’t take too much prep time, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious homemade whipped coffee drink in less than ten minutes.

Simply whisk together your ground, prepared coffee beans with sugar and a little boiling water for several minutes until it begins to form stiff peaks, much like you’d expect from a meringue mixture. Then, heat up a generous serving of milk (or milk alternative) and spoon in the coffee mixture; stir well and serve! That’s really all there is to it.

#2 Ramune Iced Coffee

As a unique take on the classic iced coffee recipe, Ramune ice coffee is well worth a try ifyou’re looking for something a little bit different. This excellent coffee is made irresistible thanks to a touch of honey, so it’s genuinely hard to say no (at least, we think so). However, make this one in advance if you’re looking to entertain guests or the like, as it ideally needs overnight to chill to bring out the best flavours.

Ramune iced coffee combines honey, coffee bitters, ice, and a nice glug of high quality Japanese whisky to make a truly irresistible drink. As mentioned before, it needs to be cooled for around 10 to 12 hours, but the good news is that it’s easy to keep in the fridge after it’s made for around a week or so! As such, if you’re preparing in advance for guests, don’t be afraid to make a batch and set it aside until they arrive.

#3 Coffee and Walnut Flapjacks

Understandably, you might be wondering here: why have we have included a flapjack recipe on a list of unusual coffee options? Well, while flapjacks themselves are a pretty standard baked treat, it’s worth keeping in mind that coffee flapjacks are much less common than you might expect. With this thought in mind, they’re a worthy addition to today’s list, in our mind.

Generally speaking, coffee and walnut flapjacks typically follow a relatively regular flapjack recipe, but with a twist. Add plenty of walnut pieces and bake as normal, then finish it with freshly made coffee flavour buttercream.

This is generally the simplest way to incorporate coffee evenly into your flapjacks, rather than mixing ground coffee into the mix itself – which could have a bitter aftertaste!

#4 Upcycled White Russian Coffee

Fresh coffee can be expensive – but luckily, this unusual Russian recipe perfectly fixes the issue by making the most of those leftover grounds, transforming them into a coffee cocktail instead. Most recipes combine coffee, dark rum, vanilla, maple syrup, and double cream (plus milk vodka and ice) to create a refreshing and invigorating drink that’s sure to knock your socks off!

Remember: if you’re looking for creative ways to make your leftover coffee work, this recipe can be excellent – but if you wanted to, that’s not to say you couldn’t also use the recipe with freshly ground coffee too. Just be careful with the amount of coffee you use if you decide to go for fresh, though. After all, fresh coffee will likely have a lot more kick to it!

#5 Coffee Ice Cream Terrine

Making a coffee ice cream terrine is as simple as it is impressive! While you can always make your own homemade ice cream, if you’d like, perhaps the easiest option is to simply mix cold brew coffee into your favourite vanilla ice cream for delicious results.

The key to getting homemade coffee ice cream terrine right is to ensure that you are fully prepared before starting and that you can work quickly. This helps ensure that the heat from the chocolate mixture doesn’t begin to melt the ice cream too quickly, which could otherwise put the ice cream at risk of losing its shape and structure!

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking to add a little excitement to your cooking, there’s no doubt that today’s awesome coffee recipes could be welcome additions to your kitchen. Indeed, there are so many different ways to serve coffee, and we strongly believe you shouldn’t be limited when it comes to your creativity. So long as you start out with top-quality coffee, to begin with, you’re in for a treat!